Our Mission Statement

team photo"UNH Precision Racing is a student organization dedicated to fostering the development of young engineers. The program exposes students to all aspects of engineering: design, analysis, project management, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing. Every member of Precision Racing is committed to building a car that exceeds expectations and is highly competitive in the competition. Our organization strives to build a car that is technologically advanced and provides our members with a strong set of professional skills."


Pit #30 Design Goals and Aspirations

Car #30 model This year marks the fourteenth year UNH Precision Racing has competed in FSAE Michigan. Our team has consistently placed in the top 10 for fuel efficiency and won the Ford fuel efficiency award in 2016. The team has also placed 10th in design, and runnerup for engineering drawings in previous years. The team has grown from seven members in its first year to nearly 20 members this year, including many underclassmen who will continue the program for years to come. 

Our team structure consists of 17 full time Mechanical Engineering seniors, a full time Computer Engineering senior, and a Chemical Engineering senior. We have six departmental subgroups: Aerodynamics, Controls, Electrical, Frame, Powertrain, and Suspension. Already in place are hard deadlines for the initial design review, final design review, rolling chassis, and completed car. We aim to have a month of testing to set up the car, and fine tune our powertrain and suspension setups. What’s most exciting about this year’s team is the diverse amount of experience that is being brought to the table. We have people with seven years of performance engine building/tuning experience, people with over a decade of trackside support experience, people with 2 years of industry experience in computational fluid dynamics, people with 5 years of racing experience, and much more. What our team members lack in experience is supplemented with industry knowledge.

Thanks to the extensive connections our team members have, we have made connections with Tumenas Motorsport, Anze Suspension, Siemens, Motion Dynamics, and several more. Our aim is to utilize every ounce of information available to us to not only save time, but to understand what is commonly utilized in motorsport engineering and design. One of our largest goals this year is to preserve the future of Formula SAE at UNH. We have been the most socially active team in history, with recruiting underclassmen starting on day one of classes and having booths at both CEPS Day and U-Day. We have received interest from more than 100 individuals around campus, most of which are underclassmen mechanical engineers, and are actively keeping them involved in the program. We aim to pass our knowledge down to underclassmen as the year progresses, to ensure future teams have a jump start to what past teams have had. Consistency in placing high at competition will come down to actions like this, and is held to the highest importance by our team.