Our Sponsors

The UNH Precision Racing team is able to exist and succeed from the support given from the financial, informational, and technical help of our sponsors! 

UNH FSAE is an IRS 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1), and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) organization. 

Any donations to the team, monetary or in-kind, are completely tax-deductible!


Need help Donating? 

Step 1. Navigate to Giving to UNH where you'll be directed to the Fund Finder.

Screen shot of UNH fund finder | giving to UNH


Step 2. Search for the organization you'd like to receive your donation. For UNH FSAE team, the full name through the UNH Mechanical Engineering Department is the "Mechanical Engineering - Precision Racing Team".UNH fund finder with "racing" query


Step 3. Once the organization has been found and selected, click the "GIVE NOW" button where you'll be redirected to the secure "UNH Connect - Custom Make A GIft" page. 

Fund finder UNH make a gift screen


Step 4. Ensure that the selected designated fund is correct, then follow each required section (gift amount, payment frequency, personal or business info). Once all information is complete, follow through to Billing, Review, and Finish.

UNH Connect page -> gift funds selection designation