CBT Therapists and Information

A standard Cogntive Behavioral Therapy treatment protocol consists of 15 sessions (90 minutes each) over a 12 week period. Homework (including reading assignments) will be given to encourage the youth participant to practice the techniques learned during the weekly sessions.  The therapists that are selected to deliver treatment for the CBT group will be certified by a nationally recognized CBT organization and licensed to work as a therapist in the state where they are providing treatment. Therapy will be delivered in an outpatient setting or through Telehealth. 

CBT Pricing Information for Study:

If your child is randomly selected for participation in the CBT treatment program, we will provide you with information on a qualified CBT therapist.  In regard to payment, your family is invited to use your mental health insurance coverage. For example, if it is determined that your family matches the criteria of taxable income of a “middle income” family, your family would be expected to pay $1,250 to the therapist. The UNH Research Project would be responsible for providing $1,250 also to the therapist.  Please see below for information on CBT sliding scale payments figures:


CBT sliding scale payment figures


Low income


Middle income


High income


UNH Study will pay the following:







Families will pay the following: