Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Participating Programs

If your child has been randomly assigned to be part of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare program, please see the following programs that are available at this time for your child to attend. The programs noted with "spots available" currently have openings for the study.  If not listed this way, the program does not currently have spots available:

 If I choose to be a part of this study, will it cost me or my family anything?
Yes, the cost of participating in this study varies depending on your family’s ability to pay for services.

If your child is assigned to Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare:
The following chart displays what your family will be requested to pay as well as what the participating OBH program will pay. To determine your family’s portion of payment for treatment, we will use the taxable income number.


Low income


Middle income


High income


Plus Admissions fee & Travel

The OBH Program will pay:

90% of costs


50% of costs


20% of costs



Your family will pay:

10% of costs

Approx $5,000

50% of costs

Approx $25,000

80% of costs

Approx $40,000

Approx $4000

Approx $1500

Following admittance into the study, you will need to select the program that you would like to attend and complete the application process with that program. Each program will have its own pricing, and you can decide which program you would like to attend as long as they have a spot available. Once you are accepted by the OBH program, we will refer your family to the Parker Bounds Johnson Foundation (Washington and Oregon residents only) and the Sky’s the Limit Fund for further scholarship funds. If your family is eligible for these funds, the foundation will send monies directly to the OBH program.