B.A.D. (Short Videos!)

Relief of Roman School
(Relief found in Neumagen near Trier, a teacher with three discipuli (180-185 AD). Photo of casting in Pushkin museum, Moscow by user:shakko - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

Welome to Brevia ac Dulcia!

These are our "short and sweet" videos that touch upon various aspects of the Latin language for those learning the language in a classroom setting (virtual or otherwise) or on their own. Enjoy these bite-sized morsels!

Videos can be watched in order within each series or individually to learn or review particular concepts. The different series are generally  independent of each other and do not need to be watched in any particular order, except that Intermediate and Advanced videos will assume knowledge that is covered in Basic ones.

Basic videos are designed for beginners or for elementary review.

Intermediate videos add details and dive deeper.

Advanced videos go into depth on individual aspects of complex Latin grammar.

Basic Noun Declension and Gender Series
1. Noun Gender (Basic)
2. Noun Declensions (Basic)
3. Noun Declensions and Gender (Basic)
4. Noun Dictionary Entries (Basic)
5. The 1st Declension (Basic)
6. The 2nd Declension (Basic)
7. The 3rd Declension (Basic)
8. The 3rd Declension i-Stems (Basic)
9. The 4th Declension (Basic)
10. The 5th Declension (Basic)

Basic Noun Case Series
1. Noun Case Overview (Basic)
2. The Six Latin Cases (Basic)
3. Nominative Case (Basic)
4. Genitive Case (Basic)
8. Vocative Case (Basic)
[Videos Below Coming Soon]
5. Dative Case (Basic)
6. Accusative Case (Basic)
7. Ablative Case (Basic)