What is the CREAM course like?


Students will be in charge of milking, feeding and managing a herd of approximately 25 registered Holstein cattle. Students will track feed costs, veterinary expenses, student labor, and several other costs associated with running this small dairy cattle operation. With careful decision-making and hard work at the years end, a profit can be achieved and an improved herd can be passed on to the next class of CREAM’ers.

CREAM is not a course where learning is structured by lecture and exams. Students will find themselves driven to learn by a different motivation – the need to have information to make sound decisions. Students will learn by doing. Students cannot know everything. Learn as much as you can. Call on faculty, staff, dairy industry leaders and publications; these are at your disposal. Share what you’ve learned with the entire group. Good communication is basic to good teamwork.

As a CREAM member, your time commitment to the program will average 8-10- hours/week for each semester. The time listed above will be spent in weekly business meetings, committee work, chores and other related activities and assignments. Time management will be essential for you. Some of you will be taking other courses, as well as working a part time job and participating in other activities. Careful budgeting of your time will be key to ensuring that your CREAM and additional responsibilities are met.

The success of the CREAM program this semester will greatly depend on the ability of the group to work together as a whole, and at times, this may be difficult. Decision-making is seldom choosing between “right” or “wrong”, but is instead choosing the “best” decision from several “right” alternatives. Another challenge that you’ll face is problem solving. It’s easy to dwell on problems. Being positive and working towards a solution can help you and your classmates overcome many problems. Remember, students are all on the same team and need to work toward a common goal! Effective teamwork depends upon sincere commitment, clear communications, thoughtful compromise and cooperation, as well as stepping up to lead committees and the CREAM class itself.

 It will be one of your most memorable experiences at UNH!




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