About Our Team


UNH Rowing meets Monday through Saturday in the morning to practice together as a team.  We have boathouses located at Jackson's Landing in Durham on the Oyster River, as well as in Dover on the Cocheco River.  We train on the water in the fall and spring seasons and train indoors at the Hamel Recreation Center during the winter season when the water is frozen.


Our team competes in regattas in both the fall and spring season. We race 6000 m courses in the fall and 2000 m races in the spring in Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and New Jersey.  The team also travels to Gainseveille, Georgia once in March for a week long training trip and again in May to compete in the ACRA National Championship Regatta against teams from all over the US.


While we have full time coaches, our team is lead by a student executive board consisting of the following members:

President - Ben Factor (Men's Team), Emmaline WIllis (Women's Team)

Vice President of Travel Logistics - Meghan Gamache

Vice President of Fundraising - Lauren Reissfelder

Captains - Johanna Pastoriza & Rachel Foote (Women's Team), Michael Tauscher & Spencer Rees (Men's Team)


I've never rowed before, can I still join?

Yes!  We wish you would! Many of our team members never rowed before coming to UNH.  We will teach you everything you need to know.

What time do you meet in the mornings?

Generally, we practice from 6am to 8am, but it  varies depending on the season and the day of the week.  If we are on the water, we may meet earlier to allow time to drive to the Dover boathouse, whereas if we are inside the Hamel Rec Center we must obey their hours (opening at 6am).  Also, we usually meet later on Saturdays when we don't have classes to allow members to sleep in a little bit.

That's way too early, I could never get up in the morning!

While we do meet early, your body will quickly adapt to the schedule and routine you create for yourself.  It may be hard the first few days, but after a week or so you will find it comes with many benefits, especially for those that rely on a set routine. You will be way more producitve in the mornings and able to get your work done for the day so you can relax at night.  Also, there's a whole team of people getting up with you which makes it a lot easier.

Will it interfere with my class schedule?

Nope!  Because we meet early in the morning, practice will never interfere with your class schedule, even if you have a class at 8am.  We always make sure your academic commitments come first.

Can I still get involved in other things on campus?

Of course!  Members of our team have been involved with Greek Life and other clubs and organizations on campus while maintaining their commitment to the team.  Many members also hold jobs on campus in various departments - if they can do it so can you!

How much are dues?

The dues change from year to year based on a variety of factors.  For an accurate number, please reach out to the executive board president.  If you're interested in joining but don't know if you'll like it, you're in luck as we give our new members a couple of weeks to try out the sport before we expect you to pay dues.

What if my question wasn't answered here?

Please contact unhrowing@gmail.com or reach out to any executive board member and we will be happy to answer any and all questions you have!