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The Collaboration, Arts, & Technology Lab (the "CatLAB") is a digital scholarship lab and makerspace in the Department of Art & Art History which supports faculty teaching and student learning via the use of emerging technologies. The CatLAB provides a range of services for both students and faculty, including the use of a Photo Room -- dedicated to the documentation of works of art -- as well as access to 3D technologies (including 3D-photography, 3D-printers and 3D-modeling software). Working in collaboration with faculty, the CatLAB develops and supports digital humanities projects and assists students in the creation of portfolio websites and other digital projects. In addition, the CatLAB continues its historic mission of curating analog and digital image collections that support the Department’s curriculum.

The mission of the CatLAB is to serve as a hub of digital teaching, learning and making -- to be an innovative and dynamic space where students, faculty, and staff engage with digital tools as a means to create, explore, study and interpret the visual arts.