Role at UNH

I am the Assistant Director & Lecturer for the Sustainability Dual Major at UNH. 

My primary role has been to design and teach the three core courses that are required for all sustainability dual major (SDM) students. I am the advisor for the SDM students, helping students to plan out course schedules, find appropriate electives, petition courses to be counted as electives, and identify potential careers.  I am grateful to be able to work so closely with students who are passionate about ensuring human dignity and environmental integrity.

I also help develop and administer the sustainability dual major itself, which includes advertising and promoting the SDM, inviting guidance from the University Commitee for the Sustainability Dual Major, working wtih faculty from other departments to cross list courses as SDM electives, developing university-wide sustainability education goals, supervising a SDM Teaching Assistant, among many other tasks. Building and improving a growing program is intellectually stimulating and exciting; sustainability is an emerging academic field which allows us both the freedom and responsibility to create a renowned program at UNH.

Vanessa teaching