Student Work

Students produce work in all of my classes that have the potential to be used for other purposes in addition to assessment of student learning.  A few examples are provided here.

SUST 401: Surveying Sustainability Personal Action Projects - Students choose one action or behavior to adopt for a month that will improve their own personal sustainability footprint. At the end of the month, they are asked to analyze and share their accomplishments. One semester, students paired up with other students who chose similar actions and, together, created info-graphics to promote the action to other students on campus. Some examples of their creations: Reducing Water Use; Reducing Meat Consumption; and Changing Coffee Habits.

SUST 501: Sustainability Perspectives and Methods Course Reader - There is a lack of a good text book for the topics we cover in this class. For the last few semesters, students have teamed up to research and draft chapters for an open access Reader that will eventually be able to be used not only by students in future iterations of this course, but also by faculty at other institutions who teach similar courses. The current draft (December 2019) will be updated by the Spring 2020 SUST 501 students.

SUST 750: Sustainability Capstone Projects - The students in the capstone course reflect on the classes they've taken during their sustainability dual major. Their writings can be used for applications to grad school, jobs, or even to share with family and friends. Additionally, they complete interdisciplinary group projects that contribute to ongoing sustainability initiatives on and around UNH - their outputs help advance those efforts. The students upload their reflections and project reports to a SUST 750 course webpage.

SUST 750 group work