“Hegel’s Revival in Analytic Philosophy”


deVries WA. “Hegel’s Revival in Analytic Philosophy” . In: The Oxford Handbook of Hegel. Oxford: Oxford University Press ; 2017. pp. 743-766.


Analytic philosophy is rediscovering Hegel.  This essay examines a particularly strong thread of new analytic Hegelianism, sometimes called ‘Pittsburgh Hegelianism’, which began with the work of Wilfrid Sellars.  In trying to bring Anglo-American philosophy from its empiricist phase into a more sophisticated, corrected Kantianism, Sellars moved in substantially Hegelian directions.  Sellars’ work has been extended, and revised by his Pittsburgh colleagues John McDowell and Robert B. Brandom.  The sociality and historicity of reason, the proper treatment of space and time, conceptual holism, inferentialism, the reality of conceptual structure, the structure of experience, and the nature of normativity are the central concerns of Pittsburgh Hegelianism.