“Hegelian Spirits in Sellarsian Bottles”


deVries WA. “Hegelian Spirits in Sellarsian Bottles” . Philosophical Studies: An International Journal for Philosophy in the Analytic Tradition [Internet]. 2017;174 (7) :1643-1654.


Though Wilfrid Sellars portrayed himself as a latter-day Kantian, I argue here that he was at least as much a Hegelian.  Several themes Sellars shares with Hegel are investigated: the sociality and normativity of the intentional, categorial change, the rejection of the given, and especially their denial of an unknowable thing-in-itself.  They are also united by an emphasis on the unity of things–the belief that things do “hang together.”  Hegel’s unity is idealist; Sellars’ is physicalist; the differences are substantial, but so are the resonances.

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