Graduate Students

  • Kaneen E. Christensen - Sediment facies and faunal abundances
  • John A. Finarelli - Hominoid phylogeny
  • Eric P. White - Paleoclimate indicators using spelothems, Belize
  • Intizar H. Khan - Eocene stratigraphy of Baluchistan
  • Walid Hamzi - Magnetostratigraphy of the Bighorn Basin
  • Erin Fernald - Evaluating morphological rates of evolution using cladistics
  • Kaori Tsukui – Paleomagnetism of volcanic ash deposits in the Green River Basin
  • Rebecca Dodds LeCain – Magnetostratigraphy of the Hell Creek Formation, Garfield County, MT
  • Julianne Batchelder – Paleomagnetism of the Kittery Formation
  • Abigail D'Ambrosia – Continental climatic and ecological change across ETM2 and H2 hyperthermal events
  • Timothy Barnum – Magnetostratigraphy of the San Jorge Basin, Patagonia, Argentina
  • Jeremy Riedel – Magnetostratigraphy of the Wind River Basin, Wyoming
  • Sarah Widlansky - Paleomagnetism of the Cretaceous Galula Formation and implications for vertebrate paleobiogeography
  • Mark Reinhold - Evolutionary implications of shell microstructure in molluscs
  • RJ Knecht - Structure, Limits, and Drivers of Daphnid Diversity: Understanding the paradox of Aziscohos Lake, Maine
  • Anthony Fuentes - Magnetostratigraphy of the K/Pg boundary interval at Corral Bluffs, Denver Basin, Colorado

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