UNH Paleomagnetism Lab

The UNH Paleomagnetism Lab hosts the instrumentation necessary to undertake paleomagnetic analysis of rock samples. Our research focuses on using paleomagnetic methods for purposes of magnetostratigraphy. In particular, we use the sequence of polarity reversals of the earth's magnetic field to correlate fossiliferous rocks to the Geomagnetic Polarity Timescale (GPTS). The lab includes the following instruments: 2G 755 4K Superconducting Rock Magnetometer, HSM 2 SQUID-based spinner magnetometer, ASC Model TD48-SC thermal demagnetizer, MOLSPIN alternating field demagnetizer, Bartington MS2 susceptibility system, a three dimensional DC coil low field cage (low magnetic field environment in which above instruments are housed), Mu metal sample shield, ASC IM10 impulse magnet, gas powered rock drill and other equipment necessary for field sampling. Contact Will Clyde if you are interested in using the lab.

 UNH Pmag Lab