Our Project!


We are Wild Wil' Wes, and this is our final project for a technical writing course, ENGL 502. We were tasked with collaborating with other classes and UNH faculty to spread a message via vinyl wall decal that we felt would best benefit the UNH community. What was most challenging about this project was the communication between classes. The graphic design class that was supposed to design our decal only met once a week, which made contacting them arduous. With this being said, we had to design our own decal, which made the whole process slightly longer. What was exciting about the project involved physically going around campus, searching for the ideal location that would best suit our decal.

The Message we want to Spread!

The quote that we chose from the "Survey of American Literature: Post Civil War to the Present" class and was selected by Gianna Koning, stating "They did not know it was impossible, so they did it"  by Mark Twain. We believe that this is what needs to be in minds of all college students, as we recognize how difficult the academic journey can be. This quote encourages the continuation of persuing one's dreams, and to never take your mind off what you are working towards. In the words of Gianna, "Most twenty-year-olds put aside what they truly want in life when they discover the reality of having to pay bills and support themselves". Even though you may struggle or fail at some points along the way, each time is a crucial learning opportunity that guides you toward your final goal.

Where can you Find it?


We decided to put our vinyl decal at the entrace of the Kingsbury Library, right on the left as you walk out of the South Stairwell. We felt this is the ideal location for our decal for a few reasons.  The three of us are engineers, and we feel like this quote entails the mindset that each CEPS student should have. Also the entrance to the library is where many people go in and out of each day, so this guarantees a large number of students who will see our decal. 

The Final Result!