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Change your site name

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  2. Click on the gear icon small gear iconthat appears and choose Edit Widget
  3. Change the Title, then choose Save
  4. Do the same to edit the Site Logo and follow the prompts, or select Remove Widget if you do not want a Site Logo

Move around your site and get help

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Change this default home page content and add widgets

  1. Hover over the large gear large gear iconto the right and choose Layout
    1. Review available widgets at the top of the page
    2. Not seeing what you want? Click on the green dropdown add new widget icon to the right and create your own
  2. To edit this Quick Start Guide content area hover over this area and click on the small gear small gear icon that pops up on the right and choose Edit Widget

Need additional help? If you have questions or comments please fill out our support form. If you would like some training attend an Open Session where you can work with support staff one-on-one. The Open Session schedule is available at https://at-training.unh.edu.


About Us


Wildcat Santa is committed to providing assistance to families in local communities who are truly in need.

We do this in the spirit of community with respect for privacy and consideration of special circumstances that create a sudden and stressful event resulting in a dramatic change in the way one’s life is lived.

Who does Wildcat Santa help?
We help University of New Hampshire community members and their families. 

How does Wildcat Santa identify or determine who the recipients are?
A coworker, or a family member will contact us and ask for help or the recipient could self-refer.

Is cash donated to Wildcat Santa and what is done with it?
 Yes, some donors prefer to donate cash and not purchase raffle tickets.  We use the donated funds to purchase food gift certificates for our families.