Welcome to the Wildcat Walls Project!

What does a literature class, a graphic design class, a makerspace, and a professional and technical writing class have in common? - WILDCAT WALLS!


This semester English 502: Professional and Technical Writing, continued the Wildcat Walls project, which concentrates on creating community through the creation of vinyl wall pieces that combine the work of literature and graphic design students, while creating an opportunity to explore applied writing concepts. 

Students worked in teams to complete all the stages of the wildcat walls project:

1. Read through and selected quotes nominated by students in UNH English classes

2. Created awesome graphic representation of quotes.

3. Carefully assessed public spaces Hamilton-Smith Hall.

4. Authored proposals and presented them to a formal panel that included the COLA Dean's office and the University Architect.

5. Printed their designs on the 52" vinyl cutter in the UNH Makerspace.

6. Persisted until proposals were accepted and placed vinyl wall decals at locations all over Hamilton-Smith Hall.

Previous work can be found under "Spring 2019" which places quotes all over campus, like this beauty in the Chemistry building (Parsons Hall).

Hand drawn picture of woman holding test tube, drawn on paper, then picture of it placed on wall

Each group has made a page to share the project that they worked on this semester.