C & C Sticky

Description of Group and Our Vision


Chad Lawrence - Second year, Undeclared CEPS Student planning on studying Environmental Engineering

Cat Rieger - Second year, CIvil Engineering Student

We are C&C Sticky and our task is to put up a decal in Hamilton Smith. Many other classes before us have placed quotes of their choice up on its walls, but we want ours to shine like no other before it. Our mission is to inspire students with our quote walking to their classes or just simply cutting through the building. Quotes, while simple, can have a large impact on lives and we want nothing less of that.

Justification of Our Quote

The quote we have chosen for our project is the quote by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” We have chosen this quote above the rest because we have both read The Alchemist and feel as though it will help people relate to it knowing it is from a book they have already connected to. Furthermore, we believe this quote is very simple with a clear message that people quickly walking by can understand. The quote is about achieving your dreams and we think that is very fitting in a college environment. 

Paulo Coelho is a novelist and lyricist from Brazil and is most well-known for his book, The Alchemist in which he has sold 35 million copies. Even people who haven’t read the book have probably heard his name and thus seeing his name under the quote may help grab their attention. This is why we believe we should put this quote up somewhere in Hamilton Smith. Not only will it be beneficial to students walking to and from class in the morning, but it is a quote that most people can relate to.

Quote Placement

In the stairwell of the commonly cut through walkways to get to the MUB and Holloway Commons, most students will see it because of its high activity.  That wall is also blank and painted a pretty color, but it looks like its missing something due to its empty space. This staircase is on the first floor going on to the second next to the elevator. Placing on the green wall makes for a great location, plus it will make our navy blue quote stand out.

Group Reflection

We are satisfied with the outcome of the project, we believe that inspiring these students will not only motivate them throughout their day, but could also improve upon their success at UNH. This being said, the judges made us remove our logo from the quote and we would have liked to keep that. Overall, having the quote chosen and put up on the wall will help to benefit all students at UNH. It will be a visual reminder that will help them to achieve higher academic success. At the cost of nothing, and placed in one of the best spots of Ham Smith, students will come across a powerful quote that will change their day.