C & G


Description of Group & Vision

C & G is made up of two junior engineering students, Gabe Archambault an Environmental Engineer and Cole Contigiani a Civil Engineer. Our vision isto provide a detailed and professional project in the projected time given. The project will have all the detailed information required and enhance the day for anyone who walks by our quote.


Justification for Quote Choice and Placement of Original Quote

When we were selecting a quote to be hung up in Hamilton Smith, we had many factors that went into the selection. We wanted to choose a quote that radiates with everyone who sees it. While not offending anybody because we understand that everyone interprets things differently.

The quote we selected was “Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are”- Theodore Roosevelt. This quote is directed to everyone, it speaks to the reader directly, telling them what to do. It isn’t a hypothetical or a happy saying, it’s a direct impacting quote. The submitter chose this quote because of how it motivates them, and helps them focus. We agreed with how it makes them feel and wanted others to feel that way.

After walking around the building, we decided that our location is going to be above the stairs that go down to the basement from the first floor. We choose this spot because of the high traffic flow that goes down the stairs in between class periods. We wanted our quote to inspire people that were either exiting the building or going to their next class in the basement.


After the proposal presentation and our original quote wasn’t selected we then chose a new quote that would be hung in the journalism space in Hamilton Smith. The image attached below is of the new hung quote in the journalism space. 

Quote Image

Group Reflection on the Project

This project overall was a good learning experience. There were a lot of steps/ assignments that had to be completed over the course of the past 7 weeks, October 24ththru December 9th. This forced us to stay on top of things and work as a team so we wouldn’t have to do it all last minute. This was tough because a lot of work had to be completed, while jiggling our other 3 engineering courses. Not to mention conferences, Thanksgiving break and a snow day messing up the project timeline.

We liked the concept of the project and that it improves the atmosphere of Hamilton Smith, by brighten the walls with quotes. But there were a few things we did not like about this project. The first thing is that after we decide on a quote and location, we thought we were going to be informed whether or not we had competition on the quote and/ or location. We didn’t find out until the day the proposal and Wildcat Wall Presentations were due. This was frustrating because if we would have known earlier we could have changed our quote and/or location. The other thing was the time crunch at the end of the semester and all the confusion that came with it.