Decal Pals

                    Who We Aredecal pal


    Claire Veitch- Environmental Conservation and Sustainability major student at UNH

    Meaghan Wiggin- Civil Engineering major/Architectural Studies minor student at UNH 

Both Claire and Meaghan have a passion for the outdoors and will be looking to nature for inspiration for this decal. Along with this, upholding a respectable and professional image for UNH through our decal will sustain the trust of the public.


Quote and Justification

"Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would" ~E.V. Thompson


We chose this quote because the words apply to anyone walking through Hamilton Smith. No matter one's age or background, there is always room for personal growth. The student that submitted this quote stated that "I think this quote is super inspiring and important for college students because college is the time for growth. There are so many directions you can take at UNH and so many opportunities to grow and end up someone you never realized you could become." 

E.V. Thompson, who wrote this quote, is a  award-winning writer from London who has published over 200 stories. 

                                        Decal Designn

Decal design by Claire Veitch and Meaghan Wiggin



The designated location is the white wall by the second floor exit leading to the ramp. This location was chosen because it is a area of high traffic during class change but also has a bench and small lounge for quiet work. This area is of high-visibility which will allow for this quote to be seen by a majoirty of people. 



Overall, this project was a great success. We felt as though we were able to create a piece that will make a positive impact on the community of Hamilton Smith. This quote will hopefully be viewed by many and aid in bringing joy and encouragement to those walking throughout the building. We have selected and created a complete decal that both represents the quote as well as us personally. The simplistically complex meaning can reach all and help build community and inclusiveness in this very important building.