Who are we?


We are a group of engineering students from the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of New Hampshire. We have all undergone a semester of Technical Writing with Professor Molly Campbell. Our mission statement as a group is to collaborate and communicate efficiently to create a mindful and inspirational print to be placed in the public wallspace found in Hamilton Smith Hall.


Why did we choose this quote?


The quote we decided to put on the wall of the journalism classroom in Hamilton Smith was, “The profession of journalism ought to be about telling people what they need to know - not what they want to know." - Walter Cronkite. We chose this quote because of what the journalism student who suggested it had to say about it. They felt that it was relevant to journalism today, and would inspire UNH students to always seek and use verifiable, non biased sources when thinking about any aspect of journalism. They also mentioned the very trustworthy reputation of Walter Cronkite. 


What did we think of this project?


As a group, we all enjoyed this project for a variety of reasons. For one, the collaboration with each other and students outside of the class made the project very interesting and different from normal group projects. We also enjoyed the project as a whole because it incorporated most of the knowledge of technical writing we had gained over the semester. Specifically, the proposal and presentation piece was the most fun aspect of the project. Having the opportunity to simulate a real world proposal presentation that we will all undoubtedly do many times in our career was very beneficial to all of us.