JMH Productions

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To design a quote that inspires and represents UNH students while promoting independent thinking. 



JMH Productions is a team composed of all women that are students at the University of New Hampshire. Jamie Harrington is a Communications Sciences and Disorders major and serves as our project coordinator. Jamie works towards coordinating team meetups, reminding the group of impending deadlines, and organizing upcoming tasks. Hannah Simard, an Accounting major at UNH, is our acting communications manager. Hannah serves as the chief liasion between our professor, outside contacts, and the team. Morgan Saidel, a Physics:Astronomy major at UNH, is our design and technology manager. She uses her skills to develop style guides, and graphics for the team.

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JMH Productions is currently designing a vinyl wall decal of a quote and corresponding image to be placed on the walls of Hamilton Smith Hall at the University of New Hampshire. As written in our mission statement, JMH Productions wishes to utilize a quote that will inspire students at UNH, and represent these students.




“I’m a firm believer that language and how we use language determines how we act, and how we act then determines our lives and other people’s lives.” Ntozake Shange


One of the main goals JMH Productions wishes to accomplish with our project is to use a quote that trulyLoading image. If image does not load try refreshing page. represents the diverse population of students at UNH. Currently, out of the 13 wall quotes placed in Hamilton Smith, only one quote is by a woman. Additionally, most of the quotes are by older, white, male figureheads. Our team believes this is not an accurate representation of the students at UNH. UNH is not an all male school, therefore if our team is going to truly inspire, and motivate the students of UNH with our wall quote, the quote must represent the students. Women and people of color must be represented as well as men. Thus we have chosen a quote by Ntozake Shange, an award-winning, black, feminist playwright who was a champion of black women and girls, advocating for their self-determination, and paving the way for future generations of black women artists. 

Our quote was also chosen for its message. Since our quote will be placed in Hamilton Smith, a central hub for the English Department at UNH, we wanted to use a quote the reflected the department. For our team, Shange's quote on language seemed to be the quintessential quote for representing the English Department. Shange's quote depicts the importance of language, how the specific language we use can influence how we act and how others act as well. These actions can then influence our lives and thus the lives of others, changing them for the better or for the worse. And all this change is rooted in the way we speak, they way we communicate, in our language. Not only is this quote thought-provoking and inspiring, but it reflects a fundamental aspect of the UNH English Department, the importance and impact of language. 



Since our team desires maximum exposure for our quote, we decided to choose a location that spouts a maximum traffic flow, which we defined as a flow of students and faculty consists of over fifty people during peak traffic times, such as class transitions. After scouting different locations in Hamilton Smith, our team found that during peak traffic times in Hamilton Smith, the most frequented areas are the entrances, exits, and staircases. 

However, in order to place a quote on the wall, ample wall space is needed. Thus we chose a location near the areas of maximum traffic flow that contained a wide wall space. From our observations, we found that the wall space located in between rooms 230 and 220 of Hamilton Smith fit our requirements. This wall space is adjacent to the middle staircase and in the middle of both entrances on the second floor. During peak traffic times, this location received the largest traffic flow of both students and faculty while still providing a large wall space, thus making the location a suitable choice for our vinyl wall decal.



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Throughout this project, JMH Productions has learned valuable skills in coordinating a large-scale design project, utilizing collaborative design, and presenting persuasively. JMH Productions has also learned how to overcome obstacles. Our team's original quote was not selected by the Wildcats Wall Review Panel. However, JMH Productions was able to overcome this setback and design a new quote (which is the quote detailed on this webpage) and graphic design that was successful. Overall, JMH Productions is satisfied with our team's progress and growth throughout our project, and delighted to have our final quote selected.