Who Are We?

JSDC is a partnership between two dedicated individuals tasked with designing a vinyl wall decal in Hamilton Smith Hall. Together, we are a motivated group who looks to put the community's best interest as our top priority. With this project, we are looking to help motivate and inspire not only students but the UNH community as well through vinyl wall decals. Our group is made up of James Carney and Devan Sack, both engineering students here at the University of New Hampshire. James is studying Environmental Engineering and is looking to focus on Stormwater Management while Devan is a Civil Engineering student who is also looking to minor in Architectural Studies. 

Our Quote:


Why we Chose this Quote?

After not being approved with our original quote, we had to select a new one. We decided to choose "I need to ask the questions the people at home want answered" - David Muir. This quote stood out to us because of how impactful it could be for students, professors, or anyone really. The quote inspires people to not only get the best out of themselves but to also not hesitate when you have a question. David Muir is a well-known American journalist who has interviewed many famous people and has had to ask questions that the public simply wanted answered despite how difficult it may have been. By putting this quote in a classroom, it will encourage students to ask questions that they may have on their mind. Questions are meant to be asked, they are not meant to put aside for another time. Everyone should feel comfortable asking questions because these questions may create ideas, thought, and discussion. After reading this quote, both me and Devan wondered how many great ideas have been prevented from someone not asking a question. With this new quote, JSDC wants to motivate people to ask questions and open up their mind to new ideas.

Quote Placement

Although we didn't have as big of a selection to place this quote than with our original quote, we were happy that we were able to put it in a classroom on the ground level of Hamilton Smith. As we thought about it more, we realized that our quote will be perfect in this location because this classroom is where a lot of english classes take place. English classes where students and professors talk about readings, essays, etc. So what better place to put a quote that inspires people to bring their questions to dicsussion than a classroom where people will have open discussions. 

In front of locationFrom back corner of roomFrom front corner of classroom

Group Reflection

Although our original quote did not get approved, JSDC is still very satisfied with our work and we are thankful that we still got the oppurtunity to hang a vinyl wall decal with a new quote. Not getting approved is not something that we expected but something that we were prepared for and that showed with how we responded. 

This project was very unique and it gave us a chance to open up our minds and truly work as a team. We learned about numerous things in this project ranging from how quotes are percieved to what works best for designing wall decals and much more. Something else that made us enjoy this project was how many deadlines and assignments we had to meet. This taught us how to communicate effectively and collaborate as a team even despite our busy schedules. These are quality traits that we will need in the work force in the near future. With that being said, JSDC will take away a lot of lessons from this project and we are grateful that we were able to work on it.