M & C Creative Design

Who We Are

Caitlin Labonte is a senior Medical Microbiology major at UNH. After graduation, she plans on working as an EMT at a local fire department as she prepares to enter graduate school in pursuit of becoming a Physician Assistant. 

Megan Cramton is a sophomore Environmental Engineering major at UNH. On campus, she is involved with Engineers Without Borders and the clean water project in Tanzania.

Group vision

The  team will collaborate to create a project that is done to the best of our ability.

Quote #1 Justification and Location

"Like Wildflowers; you must grow in all the places people thought you never would." - E.V. Thompson was the proposed quote. The quote is good for a college buidling due to its inspiring nature. As the student who nominated the quote puts it, it is "super inspiring and importantfor college students because college is the time for growth...I think this one might hit someone and make them say-hey I think I  will try that new thing I was thinking about, or push myself to talk in class today, or step outside of my comfort zone." Students can use this quote as motivation to try new things and be open to new experiences. The student who nominated the quote also noted that, "There are so many directions you can take at UNH and so many opportunities to grow and end up somewhere you never reaalized you could become." This quote is applicable to students of all majors, or undecided students who are trying to figure out where they want to go. The quote fits in at Ham Smith specifically because EV Thompson was a famous british author. 

The proposed location for the quote was outside of room G35. This is a good location for the quote due to the high traffic volume that goes through this area. Also, it would achieve its goal of being inspiring to the UNH community as they could read it while waiting for class or passing by. There is only one other quote on this floor, so it is an underrepresented area and would help add character to the space. 

The quote was not chosen to be put in Hamilton Smith. 


Quote #2 Justification and Location

"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them." -Ida B. Wells was the second proposed quote. When our first design wasn't chosen, it was back to the drawing board. There had been no journalism lab quotes chosen, so we decide to do one of those. We really liked the Ida B. Wells quote because we felt it described what the job of a journalist truly is. Also, we think that more times than not the media has a negative connotation, and in reality the media should be trying to fix others mistakes by bringing light to  them and encouraging discussion. 

The proposed location is the back wall of the journalism lab, located on the first floor of Hamilton Smith. The journalism lab was the obvious choice due to the nature and author of the quote. We chose the back wall on a small pillar that sticks out because it was the perfect size for the design we envisioned.


Group Reflection

Neither Caitlin or Megan had ever collaborated on a projec of this magnitude before. They are thankful for the opportunity to leave a mark here at UNH that other students will hopefully become inspired from. Although their first quote selection wasn't chosen, they are very satisfied with the finished product of their second quote. They want to thank Molly for herunwavering support and guidance throughout the project and for being a great teacher!