Shake and Bake

Description of group and group vision:

Our group is made up of three members, two seniors and a junior. Davis and Ian are both seniors graduating in May 2020 and Pranav is a junior set to graduate May 2021. While Davis and Pranav are both Information Technology majors, Ian is a business major, focusing in Information Systems and Business Analytics. Together we made had a very comfortable group that we could split up work easily in. 

Our group vision statement is to work collaboratively to find a quote that best matches our ideals and the morals of our peers. We wanted to find a quote that would include as many groups as possible and represent the diversity we see on campus. 


Justification for Quote Choice:

Our selection of quote was based on the reach and impact it could potentially make on all people entering and exiting Hamilton Smith Hall. The intent is to inspire students to work hard and be persistent in everything they do. But at the same time, do not stress and take your time on whatever is being worked on. As long as you do not forget, or give up on the task it does not matter how long it may take to complete.

Persistence is key in almost any situation that requires some amount of effort. Reminding people to be persistent but not to stress about the amount of progress made so far is our goal. We want to promote well being among the inhabitants of Hamilton Smith Hall while promoting hard work and good life lessons. 

While looking around the building to find our spot on the wall for the quote, we made sure to analyze several different options. We wanted to find a location that was both noticeable as well as out of sight unless you were looking for it. The spot above the doorway fits our needs perfectly.


Group Reflection:

As a group we worked really well together. Overall on the project, we enjoyed it. Having the opportunity to make an impact on the campus before we leave is an incredibly special opportunity that meant a lot to the seniors in the group. While we had a lot of work throughout the semester, this project was steady and meaningful to the point where the work was easy to complete and not usually left until the last moment.