STP - Wildcat Walls Project

Quote Design

Description of Group and Group Vision

Our goal when starting this project was to contribute to the aesthetic of Hamilton smith hall by creating vinyl wall artwork using the power of friendship and teamwork. Hamilton Smith Hall is a focal point for UNH students and faculty alike. Our group is made up of Payton Surprenant, Tess Priest, and Sarah Boisvert, who are, respectively, a civil engineering student, an undeclared engineering student, and an environmental engineering student here at UNH. We hope to have been able to leave our mark on buildings outside of our typical areas of study. When searching for a quote we asked ourselves a few questions about what we hoped to represent. Who would see our quote? Where would the best location be for this quote? What demographic of students are we trying to represent? All of these questions lead to the selection of the quote you see on the wall.

Justification for Quote Choice & Placement

We chose this quote for a few reasons. First of all the quote is a good length and an encouraging message. The reasoning behind why the student who suggested this quote chose it because they, “hope that this quote reminds people to keep doing work hard.” The author of the quote is YunJin Chol who is a Korean writer. Personally, we liked this quote because it was written in Korean and that brings more diversity to the building. If an ESL student were to see that quote, they would be able to appreciate that there are quotes within an English building that are not just in English. When looking up the quote online we found that the English translation of the given quote was something that Confucius has also been quoted to have said.

The location we chose was over a water bottle filling station on the second floor near the main doors to the building. This is a good location for the quote because when people stop and fill their bottles they will look around as they wait for it to be full. This gives them something to look at as they do so and means the quote will get personal interaction. The lighting in this location has a couple of shadows, but we believe there will not be any issues with glare or shine on the decal. This location might be a little noisy when classes are waiting for their class to start in the lobby, but many eyes will also be on the decal.

Group Reflection on Project

As of now, we are very satisfied with the outcome of the project. We set out to help get more inclusivity and diversity on the walls of Hamilton Smith, and we succeeded. Looking back, we are proud of all the work we were able to accomplish. As students, there is something special about seeing these quotes posted on the walls, as they add to the atmosphere of a building that revolves around community and communications. If a student takes time out of their busy schedule to stop and read a quote, or if they stop to read it while waiting for their class, this project would be a huge success. Being able to catch the eye of a student and get them exposed to a different language will be beneficial to everyone who enters the building.