About Us

We are Unstoppable! —an interdisciplinary team with the shared vision of uplifting and enhancing the productive spaces of Hamilton Smith.

Our project's goal was to design a wall decal that would engage, inspire, and empower all who walk past it, regardless of where they are heading, walking from, or working on.

Team Unstoppable

Phil studies Environmental Engineering, Abbi is an English major, and Dena studies Environmental Science. Despite our different areas of focus, we are connected academically in Ham Smith by our Technical Writing course.


The Quote

We pursued the following quote for our decal design proposal:

“Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are.”

–Theodore Roosevelt

The underlying messages resonated with us. Regardless of what you have, you have enough. You can adapt, overcome, and succeed. Be present, and be resourceful.

We also appreciate how these words are compelling, yet simple and universally relatable. Do whatever you can with whatever you have; if nothing else, that’s a good start. Adapt to the given circumstances and proceed with confidence.

These are the positive and encouraging messages we hope to inspire and foster in the academic environment of Ham Smith.  


The Design

Accompanying the words of the quote, we imagined a silhouette of a mountainside and a tree. The design of the decal therefore creates the appearance that the words are framed in the open space.

The location we propose to install our decal is in the ground-floor entry on the east side of Ham Smith, to replace an existing Wildcat Walls graphic of a quote from Henry V. This location is a primary entryway, making it frequently trafficked. The wall is highly visible to students, faculty, and visitors, particularly those who are making their way into the building.

Final Quote Design

In Reflection

We are thrilled with the outcome of this project. We were very excited to design a decal and propose our idea, because we agreed early on as a team that we would accomplish our goals and hoped that ultimately our design would be selected; that we were Unstoppable... And then, to our surprise, our design was approved!

It was fun and challenging to pick the quote and to design the decal. While the quote speaks for itself, we worked to complement it with a silhouette, which is designed to frame the words in a nature scene.  The design creates an overall simple aesthetic, but in a way that should remain engaging and interesting to look at.

We are proud that the panel selected our team’s design. It’s exciting that our design will go on the wall! All three members of Team Unstoppable are graduating at the end of the semester in December, so while none of us will personally see it very often, we hope it will be enjoyed by others for years to come!


These words

greet you on your way inside,

silently reminding you

You are here.

You are here to give it your all

with all that you’ve got.