USA +1

The Final Decal Design


Figure 1: Decal Design

The above design was approved to be hung on the 3rd floor of Hamilton Smith, on the walls of the student and faculty lounge dedicated to Murray's legacy.


Group Vision Statement

USA + 1 strives to maintain a sense of personal responsibility and integrity amongst all individual members to ensure the Wildcat Walls project will be completed in a way that inspires and reaches every student who sees it.


Group Member Information

Our group is comprised of three members: Andrew Lutsyshyn, Gabby Scott, and Noah Perron. All three group members are students at UNH, and bring with them unique experiences and backgrounds that helped make this project a success.

Figure 2: Photo of Andrew Lutsyshyn

Andrew Lutsyshyn is a junior bio-med major. He brought strong communicative skills to this project and provided unique insights on this project due to his international background. This is why Andrew served as the group’s project coordinator. Additionally, because his high school was partially focused on drawing, he designed the hand and quill image shown in figure 1.

Figure 3: Photo of Gabby Scott

Gabby Scott is a senior English literature major. She brought to this project strong writing skills and because of her major, holds a lot of contacts within the Hamilton Smith building. She acted as the group’s communications coordinator. Her writing skills were especially applicable to this project because she handled all of the correspondence between the group, the Makerspace, our instructor, and the Wildcat Walls Panel in a professional manner which was reflective of the work our group had done. 


Figure 4: Photo of Noah Perron

Noah Perron is a senior information technology major. He brought multiple programming skills to this project, which was a strength when we created this website. He also works at Dimond Library’s IT help desk and has refined his public speaking and communication skills, which will benefit the team in the presentation portion of this project.


Justification for Quote Choice and Placement

We chose a quote by former English journalism professor, Don Murray. Murray’s quote speaks to the struggles that many people feel prior to the beginning or throughout the writing process, and connects with those beyond just English majors. Also, Murray devoted his life to UNH, studying here, and going on to instruct various writing courses during his tenure as a professor. He is well-known within the world of rhetoric and composition and his work has impacted the ways students learn writing in colleges across the United States. Everyone who walks by this quote can feel connected to it, as we are all part of the greater Wildcat community.

Our group selected Don Murray’s quote and our graphic design to hang on the wall of Hamilton Smith's 3rd floor, in the lounge dedicated to his memory. It is a communal space where faculty members and students are collaborating, generating ideas, and completing various academic projects, so it is fitting that a quote that speaks to the struggles of this work hangs there to help inspire and encourage this demographic of individuals. Additionally, Murray's work directly impacted the students of this academic building, and it is important they are aware of his profound legacy.


Group Reflection

We started this project by having little experience in creating and compiling the documents and graphics necessary to undertake a project as extensive as this. By breaking down each step and creating strict deadlines for group members to adhere by, we were able to stay on schedule and curate each portion of this final project to the best of our ability. Teamwork was an essential component of this project and we credit our group's chemistry as the key reason this project was successful. Our group’s strong communication skills and ability to work in a team lead to the creation of a graphic that not only pays beautiful homage to Don Murray’s legacy at UNH, but also inspires a sense of community among all those who see it.