The Wild Kitty's

Our group and vision
The Wild Kitty's consist of two sophomore year students, Nicole Turley and Madeline Richardson at the University of New Hampshire. Nicole majors in Environmental and Resource Economics and Madeline majors in Environmental Engineering. Within the group, different jobs were assigned to each student- Nicole being the design/technology manager, Madeline being the project coordinator, the the role of communications manager was split equally among us both. Our group vision was to create an atmosphere in Hamilton Smith Hall in which every student of any background can feel welcome and accepted.
Justification for quote choice and placement 
Our quote: “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein. We chose this quote because students can relate to this quote because all students have different ways of learning and we often compare these methods in an attempt to determine the correct method. This quote highlights the uniqueness of each student and encourages them to believe in themselves. Some students learn through words and readings, while others learn through pictures and diagrams. Although there are many different ways of learning, each student differs in the methods that they learn best. This quote can inspire students to continue on with their unique learning style, or encourage them to try a new method that may help them to learn better. Our placement is the stairs between the third and second floor in the back of the building. This was chosen by the panel of judges after reviewing our quote during the presentation. They felt this space was less cluttered and the quote would be able to stand out more than our suggested location.
Group Reflection on the Project
Overall, we are happy with the outcome of this project. We worked hard on creating the decal and we were happy that our hard work payed off when our quote was selected to be put up. We feel the final decal accurately reflects the thought and effort we put into this project. We are pleased our decal was chosen because this quote is able to highlight the uniqueness of each student and their abilities. This quote would benefit everyone who reads it because it reminds us to express our differences and to not compare ourselves to others because everyone has their own strengths.