Dr. Julia Y. K. Chan

Dr. Julia Y.K.Chan, is now (Spring 2020)an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University at Fullerton, where she is a specialist in chemistry education research and practice. Dr. Chan helped provide the intellectual and practical foundations for the Fire & Ice course, and the Windows on the Inquiry Classroom grant (NSF DUE-1245730).

She graduated with a PhD in Chemistry (Education) in 2015 from Prof. Bauer’s group, as well as earning a Masters degree in Chemistry (organic) with Professor Miller. She assumed a postdoctoral position with the grant. In that role, she helped conceive and organize the Fire & Ice course, helped set up and collect the daily class videos, conducted interview sessions with the graduate interns and with the class students, and documented the video and print materials that ultimately became the Fire & Ice collection.

Dr. Chan is also responsible for helping to publish descriptive and research results from the project and is a co-author on a number of the project publications and presentations.Before being hired at Fullerton, she taught for several years at the University of Tampa, Florida.