Who We Are


The UNH Woodsmen Team is a competive university-recognized co-ed sports club and is sponsored by Campus Recreation. UNH has fielded a team for more than 40 years.

The team competes against colleges accross New England and New York, vying for top spots in events such as chain saw, crosscut, and bow sawing, chopping, axe throwing, log rolling, pulp tossing, fire building and other traditional skills. The year culminates with Spring Meet, a 2 day competition where endurance and top skills are a must.

Team members organize practices, raise funds, elect offices, need no prior experience and are provided all required competition and safety equipment.

Teams are comprised of six members, with each member competing in singles, doubles, triples, and team events. We field both Men’s and Women’s teams as well as Jack and Jill (three men, three women) teams. All members must have current health care coverage.

Being part of the woodsmen team is a unique experience and affords a wonderful opportunity to meet a great group of people. Many prior team members have gone on to compete in professional lumberjack competitions.